Thank You for taking the time to check our plastering service out -
We Are ... ‘P.M.M  Plastering Contractors'.

I hope this web-site will give you a good idea of what you can expect to receive should you wish to
use the services of 'PMM Plastering'.

Although new housing has always been the backbone of the business, keeping local builders
happy by giving them a first class plastering service to compliment their building expertise. Our
work has now extended into the private sector of the construction industry, working on extensions,
renovations, and remedial work.

Often for plumbers, carpenters & electricians etc who regularly require us to follow-up
after them to complete their work.

We also now find more painters & decorators calling on our plastering skills also to save
them time and money by producing smooth, flat, finished surfaces that they have NO need
to repair in any way. (
Also making 'their' finish even better)

Over-skimming is a service that has gained rapid momentum recently as people see the benefits
of having pitted, flaky walls turned back into what appears to be ‘NEW’ walls.
Instantly upgrading their property,
while making life so much easier when the dreaded ‘decorating’ comes around.

A high quality of workmanship is expected of us, and is duly delivered. With total respect for the
work areas inside and outside of the building being paramount. Producing the fine reputation that
'PMM Plastering Contractor' from Reading Berks, enjoys to this day.

The plastering of ‘New-Buildings’  is shared equally now with our work in the Renovation and
Remedial side of the business where we cater predominantly for 'private' clients.

When you use our services, you can expect personal, friendly attention, and a guarantee
that you only pay when YOU are completely satisfied with the standard of work at the end of the

You can also expect to be treated in a polite, respectful manner at all times.   
(Which I'm sure will be reciprocated).

'P.M.M Plastering Contractors'.
(Plasterers Of Distinction).
Serving; Reading Berks, ( Since 2002 )
Also; Bucks, Hants & Oxon. (UK)

So ... Phone Me - Phil - On;  07525427570

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Address;  54, Chagford Rd, Whitley,
Reading, Berks.  RG2 8AZ
Plasterers - Plastering in Reading, Berkshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire & The Thames Valley Regions.
Where Quality is Everything.
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'P.M.M Plastering Contractors'. (Plasterers Of Distinction).
Serving; Reading Berks, ( Since 2002 )
Also; Bucks, Hants & Oxon. (UK)

So ... Phone Me - 'Phil' - On;  07525427570
Or  E-mail me;   for more information.