Your Fast Track Guide:
To Stop Thinking Small
And Plan for Your Dream Life Instead
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             There are essentially two types of thinking in the world

                              Scarcity thinking and abundance thinking.
                 Scarcity thinking is a limiting belief that 'there isn’t enough'.
Abundance thinking is a belief that there is always 'more than enough' for everyone.

If you think small (scarcity thinking) understand that it’s not your fault. You’ve been
taught since birth that there is not enough. There isn’t enough water, money, clean air,
etc. But, the truth is, there is abundance in the world, so there is not just enough to go
around, there is an overflow of enough to go around.

Let’s look closer into scarcity thinking and then we’ll move on to how you can
change that to thinking in abundance instead so that you can plan for your dream life.

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