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Multiple Streams Of Residual Income Without Spending A Penny
The Work-At-Home Blueprint Video Collection – (Which has a total
of 86 videos – that’s over 15+ hours viewing/learning time)
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Watch the Introduction Video HERE!


Dominate Facebook; The 10 Part, Step By Step Video Course …
Access Code; XXXXX
“Discover What You Need to Do To Setup Facebook Ads that Get
Plus! …. The ‘
Boost Your Authority & Grow Your Audience with
Facebook Groups
’ - The E-book.


LinkedIn; The Free Platform for those searching for Business
Connections or Employment. Those searching for employees, and even
more importantly, those wishing to promote their business to a targeted
audience. You will find Five PDF’s here that will virtually guarantee
your success on the LinkedIn platform if read in sequence. …. Click
Here! The Password is – XXXXX


Social Media Marketing is a Must! these days –
Social Media Marketing’ is a good reference point to start with ....
A single PDF filled with multiple resources.


Online Freelancing – for Opportunity – or as a Business Resource;
3 x Video’s …. The Password is – XXXXX


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Instruction – 3 x Video’s ….
The Password is – XXXXX


Website Design For Small Businesses – 3 x video’s …
No experience? – No Need ….. The Password is – XXXXX


The CheckFred E-mail List-Building Course – (For Beginners – 12 x


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25 x Work At Home Business Development E-books is a collection of
PDF titles accessable via URL' and QR codes within the PDF that you
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include Self-Help, Self-Development and general Family Interest titles.

Below you will see a list of the chosen titles for this PDF.

Boost Your Authority & Grow Your Audience with Facebook Groups'

Facebook is the top social media platform in the world. It is also one
of the 5 most visited websites in the world. With more than 2 billion
active users, many of them spending 45 minutes per day on the site,
Facebook gives you the potential to reach out to a huge global
audience in order to market your business. But with 2 billion users,
how can you ever stand out in the crowd?

More importantly, how can you connect with the people most likely to
be interested in your products and services? And to establish your
brand as one worthy paying attention to?

A Facebook Group might be just the solution you are looking for.


An Online Marketer’s Guide To Reinvesting Your Profits for Bigger

You’ve worked hard building your online business. There were a few
lean times, but you’re finally beginning to see a profit. It’s time to
think about reinvesting some of your profits for a bigger return.

But what should you invest in? What makes a good investment? And
when should you begin investing back into your business?

For any business that wants to grow, some type of reinvestment in the
business, whether monetary or not, is crucial. Reinvestment doesn’t
necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars, but a significant
amount should be targeted towards things that can boost your bottom
line and raise your profile.

Reinvesting in your business means investment not only with cash, but
also with time, expertise and effort.


6 Easy Ways to Cash in Online;

Most people come online looking for an easy (and fast) way to make
money. Many are in the throes of desperation, and without being able
to find work offline that sustains their families, they turn to the online
marketplace for opportunities.

To say that making money online is easy would be a lie. It’s not a
point blank fact for just anyone. It requires the individual to possess
certain mindset skills – such as determination, clarity, fortitude in the
face of setbacks, and more. You have to be willing to pursue your
business model(s) like it’s your prey and not let the self doubt that
everyone eventually feels overpower you.

If you can harbour a mindset that supports, instead of defeats you, then
you’ll have a much easier time of making money than the rest.


The Beginners Guide To Making Money Online'.

You can make a 'little' money working online. But you can also make
a 'lot'.

What you earn depends on which direction you go and what kind of
work you get into. Some people choose to focus only on one area.
That’s not what most people who work successfully online
recommend. It’s always better to have some variety when it comes to
making money. That way, if one avenue suddenly changes or
stagnates, you’ll still be making money in your other endeavours.

Many of these methods of making money online require little or no
money to get started - and you can build them quickly. Even if you
don’t have all of the knowledge you’d like to have about what niche
you’d like to get started in, that’s not important. You can learn as you
go along.


A Guide To Securing Jobs For Senior Citizens'.

Retirement is a life change that can cause surprising health changes.

People who retire are more likely to struggle with depression and
isolation and are at an increased risk of having a heart attack. In fact,
the risk increases by almost 50% higher than that of people who are
still working. But senior citizens that continue on with work as they
grow older, maintain better health as well as enjoy other benefits.

Why Senior Citizens Should Work: .... Working helps keep you
healthier because it’s directly tied to your happiness. In fact, studies
have shown that senior citizens who remain in a job have an increased
level of happiness and live longer. The key to that happiness is found
in your daily interaction with other people. Being around other people
on a regular basis helps give you a solid 'social network' that’s vital to
your emotional well being.


Winning Press Release Hooks For Media Attention'

What Is A Press Release? ..... You’ve undoubtedly heard about press
releases. Maybe you’ve even written or issued a few of them in your

The Press Release was created to control information given to the
media. The first release was issued in 1906 when a train crashed and
the railroad wanted to make sure that the public received accurate
information about the incident. The original press releases were formal
in both tone and style. They’re written in the third person and
presented the facts of the story.

Today, much about a press release has changed, however, some of that
formal style and structure still remains. Today's press releases are still
written in the third person. They are still primarily fact based.
However, they also integrate many social media elements. They can be
distributed online, via email, and published on your website.


The “No Excuse” Guide to Streamlined Success For Online

Everybody knows the working parts of a successful online business.
But logic and implementation are two different things, so what you’re
going to see unfold is a strategic plan to streamline your success as an
online entrepreneur.

People throw the word streamlined around a lot, but do you know
exactly what that means? It means you make your business more
efficient and effective (successful) by using faster or simpler working

Becoming an online entrepreneur is overwhelming for so many people.
It’s like you just got a huge load of information dumped on you and
now you have to sort out the puzzle of how to put it all together.

Every day, your business should include the same ingredients......


Public Speaking Like a Pro: Pick Up the Mic and Drop the Anxiety'

According to Psychology Today, the biggest fear for most people is
not heights, not starvation, not being robbed, no – not even death it is
public speaking.

It’s a shame because there really isn’t anything particularly scary or
dangerous about public speaking. But, it kind of feels like you’re prey
because everyone is staring at you, and sometimes it feels as if people
are waiting for you to mess up. But, the truth is, no one is waiting for
you to mess up and everyone who is watching you is actually rooting
for you. Plus, if you’re the expert they have no idea if you mess up or
got something wrong. It’s all in your own perception, really. That’s
what causes your fear, too.

If you can change your perception and realize that no one expects
perfection, you’ll actually start enjoying your talks.


Persuasive Copy-Writing'

Writing Sales Copy. - If you want to sell products or services, you
know you need sales copy. Without copy, even the greatest products
can go unnoticed. Copy is what helps your readers understand your
product’s benefits and why the product is (or isn’t) a good fit for them.

Without copy, it’s all just a guessing game and you should never leave
things to chance when it comes to selling your products. If you dread
writing sales copy and don’t have the cash to hire a true professional,
the hard truth is you’re going to have to do some writing yourself....

And seriously, NEVER skimp on sales copy.

Copy written by someone who isn’t copywriter, but is knowledgeable
and passionate about the product ( YOU ) will likely out-perform copy
written by a hired copywriter that only 'kind of knows' what they’re

So with that in mind, let’s get started...........


How To Live Your Life On Your Own Terms'

Something For Parents, Adults and Children Alike;

Are Your Closest Relationships Supporting Your Personal
Satisfaction? Sometimes, we’re held back from achieving our goals by
the people we least suspect: (those closest to us).

Although it might be hard to accept, the people you’re the most well
acquainted with 'might' be working against you, whether they realize it
or not. Learn how get trusted support for 'your' personal goals.


Social Media Ideas to Connect You to Your Audience'

There are two kinds of people when it comes to those who struggle
with social media branding:

Those who think, “Who cares what I had for breakfast?”...

and those who want to retain a sense of privacy and not share the small
details of their lives.

Both are common, but if your goal is to leverage the power of the
Internet to help you build your fan base, increase exposure and build
your financial worth – then you have to learn how to make this work
for you in spite of your feelings.

Notice I never said to get over it. Your concerns are valid but the
world today is deeply rooted in the connections people make online, so
if you ignore the vast potential of social networking, you’ll be doing
yourself a disservice.

First things first – I’m never going to ask you to morph into the kind of
person who relies on mirrored booty shots to attract your audience. It’s
not necessary - and unless your goal is to launch a sex tape, it has no
place in real online branding.


A Beginners Guide To Trading Futures Stocks and Forex'

In the stock trading industry, many people have garnered a lot of
money from futures markets. It is only in this arena where people who
have limited capital can actually make substantial profits even in a
short period of time. But because like any other market, this involves a
lot of risks and may cost you significant losses, people may often fear
to get involved.

Despite its bad reputation however, many experts would claim that
futures trading could only be as risky as you want to make it. And if
you take on good strategies and give yourself the proper exposure,
then this can make you very rich. What Are Futures?

Futures are standardized and transferable contracts that require a buyer
to purchase a stock at a specific sum and within a certain time period
in the future. This contract gives the buyer the obligation of purchase,
and the seller the obligation to deliver the specific asset traded.

Unlike options, futures contracts obligate the traders to buy and sell
instead of just merely giving them the right. People basically profit
from futures by performing speculations in order to provide liquidity
and to assume risks for price fluctuations in the market. These
valuable functions provide them with substantial returns and
potentially large gains.

But take note that along with these, substantial risks are involved as


Your Fast Track Guide To Understanding Your Motivational Blocks
And Getting Past Them

You know that person..... You know the one.

They’ve got their stuff together. They’re out there making waves,
breaking glass ceilings, and are doers. They simply get stuff done and
make no bones about what’s important to them. They are successful.

But, do you understand how they find their motivation? Do you know
why they’re motivated to implement and succeed while you’re not? Do
you know what they went through to get to where they are?

Let’s look at potential motivational blocks the average person
experiences, and then we’ll discover ways to get through them.

But first, let’s consider the study of 'motivation' and 'motivational

Old School Motivational Theory:


Your Fast Track Guide To Stop Thinking Small - Plan for Your
Dream Life Instead

There are essentially two types of thinking in the world, scarcity
thinking and abundance thinking. Scarcity thinking is a limiting belief
that 'there isn’t enough'. Abundance thinking is a belief that there is
always 'more than enough' for everyone.

If you think small (scarcity thinking) understand that it’s not your fault.
You’ve been taught since birth that there is not enough. There isn’t
enough water, money, clean air, etc. But, the truth is, there is
abundance in the world, so there is not just enough to go around, there
is an overflow of enough to go around.

Let’s look closer into scarcity thinking and then we’ll move on to how
you can change that to thinking in abundance instead so that you can
plan for your dream life.....


Your Fast Track Guide: For Setting Your Goals And Creating a Plan
To Achieve Them

Goals without a plan to achieve them are just dreams. If you really
want to achieve something, you need to learn how to set goals, create a
realistic plan, and implement the plan.

Time is the great equalizer. You must remember that everyone has the
same 24 hours in a day in which to achieve their goals. When you
make plans correctly, according to your goals, you will become a high

Know What You Want to Achieve;

The very first part of setting any goal is to understand what it is that
you want to achieve. Don’t think of all the steps yet about getting to
that goal, instead think about the goal itself and what it means.

What is the big result of reaching the goal?

Define the Goal - Wanting to lose weight, write a book, or keep a
clean house are all examples of goals but they aren’t really what you
achieve. When you lose weight, you achieve better health, a nicer
physique, and more self-confidence. These are better ways to describe
what you want to achieve. What is the result of the action?

When you finish the book, lose the weight, finish that course

What Now?.......


Effective Relationship Marketing with Email'

Effective Relationship Marketing with Email marketing is an essential
component in marketing today.

It can be argued that email marketing is the most crucial channel for
marketing online if you want to experience real and lasting success.
They don’t say things like “ The money is in the list ” for nothing.

It’s absolutely true. But, to be a truly effective form of marketing, it’s
important to use email as another (even more effective) relationship
marketing channel. It’s no longer enough to just send generic
information out to random subscribers. Today, smart marketers build
targeted lists, full of active subscribers who want to receive a specific

Today, you need to communicate with your list in an intimate and
personal way if you want to reach your online marketing goals.
Thankfully, all this work will not be for naught because email
marketing is 'truly' an effective relationship marketing channel that can
achieve awesome results for the smart marketer.


'Acres Of Diamonds' ... By Russell H Conwell - Founder of Temple
University Philadelphia - Foreword - By Bill Dugan

I have been interested in "Self-Help", Self-Improvement", and
"Motivational" types of material at many times in my life. I had heard
of the story of "Acres of Diamonds". I had heard more than one
motivational speaker tell his version of the story on more than a
handful of occasions. I had read of the story and of the author, Russell
H. Conwell, in more than a few books.

I was no stranger to the "gist" of the story. But I had never actually
read the story– or the lecture, as it turns out, or the book - until just

What a treasure; how touching, how moving, how inspiring ?

I wish that I had the words to convey to you that the book touched me
deeply. It struck a chord of hope in my heart and made me believe that
"Yes, I can" - my "Acre of Diamonds" is well within my grasp, right
here in my own home-town. But the words fall short of expressing the
release of emotion, the swelling of belief in goodness, and in myself,
along with the excitement of revelation in reading of a true hero.


Fast Track Guide: To Following Through and Staying Motivated'

Everyone wants to be successful.
But, wanting to be successful doesn’t always translate into success.
There can be both internal and external blocks in life that prevent you
from reaching your goals. However, your success depends on your
ability to find the motivation to follow through and take the steps
needed at each level to reach your ultimate goal.

Motivation and follow through go hand-in-hand throughout the process.
Something motivates you to take action or follow through, to reach a
goal. Every time you reach a goal, no matter how small it is, you are
successful and feel motivated to continue on your path.

Let’s look at some factors that will help you find the motivation to
follow through and achieve success at every phase of the process, until
you reach your ultimate goal.

Know What You Want & Why You Want It ......


Your Previous Efforts As An Entrepreneur - The Health-Check'

When you become an entrepreneur, you have a strong desire to
succeed. If the desire to succeed was all that was needed, then the
world be filled with nothing but success stories. But desire alone won’t
keep you from failing and you may have experienced countless
failures on your entrepreneurial journey.

What you need to do is to take a step back and look at what you’ve
been doing that hasn’t worked for you. Once you can identify what’s
not working and what you’re struggling with, you can then find success
by making changes.

You need to understand what’s gone wrong despite your best efforts.

Fear of Failure; ......

Did you know that it’s 'not' failure that keeps people from trying?

The world is full of examples of people who failed multiple times and
yet ultimately found success. There’s something worse than failing -
and that’s 'fear of failure', because often, fear of failure keeps you
from even trying anything at all........


The Underdog Wins - Via - A Stronger Mindset'

Do Your Actions Support a Strong Mindset?

It's clear that life doesn't divide 'all' good things evenly among all
people. You can tell that just by people watching.

Some people are better looking than others.

Then there are people who are richer than their peers.

There are people who come from a good background. They have a
great education. They're intelligent, well-liked - and it appears the
world is theirs for the taking.

Then, there are people who are average in looks. They don't have all
of the money they 'need', much less all that they 'want'. They come
from backgrounds full of various struggles.

They may not have attended a prestigious college - or even any
college at all. Yet, so many times, it's this second group of people who
end up 'far more' successful and enjoying more personal satisfaction
than the first group.

The reason for this is mindset.


Forty-Six Ways To Drive Extra Free Traffic To Your Website Or
Affiliate Products

You create a website to share your knowledge and experience. You
develop great content for it. Traffic trickles in but you expected a lot
more. Where are all the people and why aren't they coming to the site?
Don't be discouraged. You just entered a new stage of your business
development. It’s time to direct and drive traffic to your site.

However, you don't want just any traffic. You want targeted traffic.

What is targeted traffic?

Targeted traffic is the portion of traffic that is a part of your target
market and arrives at your site due to marketing strategies and offers
crafted specifically to grab their attention. These pre-qualified visitors
can turn into leads, which can turn into buyers, then become repeat
buyers, and ultimately turn into loyal customers.

Targeted Traffic is essential.


Discover a Good Network Marketing Home Business'

Working at home is a dream that many people have. Some never act on
that dream because they just don’t feel confident enough to make their
dreams come to fruition. Others give hands and feet to their dreams
and make it a reality. They enrich their lives, have more time to spend
with their loved ones and build a cushion to help sustain their financial
portfolio for their golden years.

The highlight of network marketing is that you can be any age, young
or old, you can come from any financial background and you can live
anywhere to get started and succeed at it.

The term 'networking' means that you’re connecting with people, and
through those connections you’re establishing relationships that will
benefit both you and them.

Being your own boss means that whether the job gets done or not falls
on your own two shoulders. You’ll have to work hard to reap the
rewards you want, but you get out of the business what you put into it.

If you put forth a half-hearted effort, then that’s what you’ll get back in
profit - the results of that half-hearted effort.

So what is a good network marketing home business? It’s one where
you can begin 'without' having to take out a second mortgage to do so.
The cost of getting started should 'not' lead you to the poorhouse.....


Self Doubt Is Understandable - But Is It Crippling You?'

(The Entrepreneurs Great Big 'Elephant-Trap)

Check in With Yourself to Recognize and Weed Out Self Doubt.
Self doubt can creep into your psyche without you even suspecting it’s
there, until the first niggling thought makes itself clear.

You have to be aware of your thoughts and how you’re reacting at all
times to weed them out before they grow and take over your creativity
and destroy your goals. Doubts can run wild in your mind, making you
question your abilities about anything new or different. If you’re
prepared, you can recognize the doubts for the lies they are and let
your knowledge and common sense get you through.

When you check in to reality you’ll realize that the negative thoughts
are occurring for various reasons. For example, you could be lost in
comparing yourself with others in marketing. It may make you feel
inadequate and doubt your ability to succeed. Make a firm decision
and stick to it.

When self doubt about what you’re trying to accomplish creeps into
your thoughts, make a decision to either carry through with your goal,
or trash it and go on with something else you’re more certain of.


Building A Network That Supports Your End Goals'

The Purpose Of Networking:
Networking is creating a foundation of connections that can boost your
business, motivate and support you with all of your efforts. If you're
an entrepreneur or business owner, you never want to operate alone.
Having people surround you who can motivate and inspire you, as well
as share knowledge that can catapult you to the forefront of your niche
- is always a good idea.

You don't want all of your networking efforts to be in just one area
(such as list building) - because that can narrow the positive benefits
for yourself and the people you're connecting with. You want to be
networking with people who excel in a myriad of ways so that you can
learn from all of them and bring your business to a higher level.

How you connect to these people should also vary.


How To Get Them To Come Running To Your Next Online Live

Having online events is fun and easy with Google Hangouts On Air.

You can create a live event that is automatically recorded, which can
be watched later and even edited and repackaged into something
entirely new. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to
having live events.

You can have live events to promote products or services, to answer
questions that your customers have, to interview experts, and more.
You can also just have an event to hang out with your fans. Whatever
the reasons are, they are fun and with the new technology today, it's
Sooo simple.

But, when you do have planned events they’re always better if more
people show up. With Google Hangouts On Air you can schedule an
event to happen later. This means you can also promote it in advance,
garnering more attention than before when you couldn’t schedule an

This makes Google Hangouts On Air, which is free, as useful as paid-
for webinar software like GoToWebinar and AnyMeeting In
conjunction with third party software like Webinars OnAir, Google
Hangouts On Air is friendlier, more useful, and easier to perform than
any other webinar software that exists today.

Thankyou for checking out this listing and hope you find it interesting
enough to order......

And at just $00.00 for BOTH PDF's Why Wouldn't You?

Cheers .... Pete..........
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